Amanda Lehmann

The change in the guitar pattern around 2:35 in part 1 of the title track was a late addition to the song. I was thinking it would sound really cool to introduce a female voice on that section and, while having this thought, just happened to stumble onto a video of the Steve Hackett Band performing Shadow of the Hierophant (a big fave of mine) in Germany. When Amanda started singing, I almost fell off my chair. That was exactly the voice I had in mind for the part.

Amanda's contribution ended up being much more than 'just' her voice. She was instrumental in developing the melody lines for the vocals and also designed some really innovative backing vocal parts which add greatly to the song's atmosphere. So, when I was struggling with ideas for harmony parts on Tomorrow is Today, guess who I turned to?

Her most recent album, Innocence and Illusion, was one of my "most listened to" albums last year. Do check it out!

Link: Amanda Lehmann