Joe Deninzon

Joe has been referred to as the Jimi Hendrix of violin (and with good reason!) His remarkable contribution to Tomorrow is Today is one of the serendipities I got to experience during the creation of this album. I had written (and recorded) the structure of the song with a big gap between the chorus sections and the beginning of the next vocal parts. I didn't know what to put there but something moved me to create that space. I was also coming up blank for the section intended as a guitar solo. While musing what to do, I saw a video of Joe playing with his amazing band, Stratospheerius, and I thought "That's who the song needs!" I cannot now imagine the song without the incredibly movingĀ  acoustic violin parts he plays throughout the song and the intensity of his wild, electric violin part at the end of the solo is beyond anything I could have hoped for.

Link: Stratospheerius