Marc Gladstone

Serendipity. That's the best description of how I came to know Marc. I had published an article on the state of the music industry which his wife, Cherelle Jardine, had commented on. This lead to making the acquaintance of Marc. I quickly determined he was an excellent keyboard player without realizing, at the time, that he was the keyboard player with platinum selling Canadian icons Prism. While I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted from keyboards on the first two songs, Marc, being the experienced pro that he is, brought some superb suggestions to the table, both in terms of sounds to use and parts to play, that really helped elevate the whole song. His contributions on the first two sections of the title track, however, were stunning. The directions I gave to him for the intended parts couldn't have been more vague yet he absolutely read my mind and produced exactly what I was looking for.