Get "The Ultimate Album Experience" without the mindless costs

With The Audiophile package, you get

  • Expanded 16 page liner notes booklet (50% larger than CD case booklets. mailed to you)
  • The actual 32 Bit Floating Point mastered files (higher than CD quality)
  • 16 Bit mastered files (if you wish to burn your own CD's direct from the master files)
  • 320 kbps MP3's (Top quality sound when small file sizes are preferred)
  • All for less than the TRUE total cost of a standard CD (due to eliminating the huge additional costs for shipping and duties a CD triggers)

The two biggest surprises I had when I released Bridge Across the Years in May, 2023 were:

  • The number of people who don't own CD players but bought the CD anyway so they could get the liner notes
  • The insanity of the international postal system. If I mail a 16 page booklet from Vancouver to Liverpool, it's called "a letter" and postage is CDN$3.88 (Note: store prices are in US$). If I add a little plastic disc called a CD, the postal system now calls it "a parcel" and cost is now CDN$11.95. And then there's the customs duties.

This caused me to rethink how I make music available. Why force people who don't own CD players to pay those extra shipping costs when what they really want shipped is the liner notes? Also, if we're not mailing a CD, why make the booklet small enough to fit inside a CD case? Why not make it bigger?

And most importantly for audiophiles, you need not settle for traditional 16 bit CD quality when the actual 32 bit mastered files can now be offered.

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